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Top 24 Best Paying Jobs In Miscellaneous Category

Top 24 Best Paying Jobs In Miscellaneous Category

This post covers the top 24 best paying jobs in Miscellaneous category. There are many good-paying jobs in the Miscellaneous category. 

Finding a good job and making some extra money for the holidays is something everyone wants to do. Finding a job during the holidays isn’t always easy, however. With so many people trying to find employment, it can be hard to separate from the crowd. This post covers the top 24 best-paying jobs in Miscellaneous 2022. These are some of them:

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Top 24 Highest paying jobs in miscellaneous Category

#1. Dental Hygienists

Dental hygienists work is the first on our list of best paying jobs in miscellaneous Category. They are often the first contact a patient has with the dentist’s office, and they help patients maintain good oral health at home between visits. Dental hygienists must have a degree in dental hygiene, which costs about $25,000 on average for public university students. Although entry-level salaries of $45,000 per year or higher may be possible in larger cities or areas with many dental offices, most new graduates earn between $50,000 and $55,000 annually.

Dental Hygienists

Dental hygienists typically receive continuing education throughout their careers to stay up-to-date on new procedures and technologies that could benefit their patients’ oral health. This training allows them to expand their skill set to perform more specialized tasks like cleaning implants. The Regular cleanings are for patients who want a more thorough treatment plan than just brushing twice daily but don’t need braces or fillings (which requires additional training).

#2. Nuclear Medicine Technologists

Nuclear medicine technologists administer radioactive drugs to patients to help diagnose and treat diseases. They work in hospitals and other medical facilities, using special equipment to produce images of internal organs. Their work is essential in the fight against cancer. Nuclear medicine technology allows doctors to use radiation therapy for tumors that would otherwise be unreachable by traditional methods.

Nuclear medicine technologists usually work full-time and is one of the best paying jobs in miscellaneous Category.

#3. Diagnostic Medical Sonographers

As a diagnostic medical sonographer, you’ll be responsible for scanning and diagnosing patients using ultrasound technology. This means you’ll need to have basic knowledge of anatomy as well as an understanding of how the body functions.

The average salary for a diagnostic medical sonographer is $65,000. However, this can range anywhere from $52k-$99k, depending on where you live in the country. Suppose you want to make the most money possible. In that case, it’s best to look into working in California or New York, where salaries are highest at $81k and $83k, respectively.

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#4. Occupational Therapists

Occupational therapy is a health care profession that helps individuals of all ages and backgrounds to participate in daily life. Occupational therapists use their skills and expertise to help people develop, recover or maintain the skills necessary for everyday life.

Occupational therapists work with people with mental, physical, developmental, or emotional difficulties that restrict their ability to engage in meaningful occupations (work tasks). They may also provide services in various settings such as hospitals, schools, or clinics. An occupational therapist can work with a patient one-on-one or as part of a team providing therapy services for individuals with specific conditions such as autism spectrum disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Cancer survivors, to name a few.

The median annual wage for occupational therapists was $78000 in May 2017, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and is one of the best paying jobs in miscellaneous Category. The top 10 percent earned more than $118000, while the bottom 10 percent earned less than $56000 per year.

#5. Radiation Therapists

Radiation therapists are medical professionals who administer radiation therapy to patients who have cancer. They deal with patients’ health and keep their bodies safe and healthy during treatment. Radiation therapy uses ionizing radiation (X-rays, electron beams) to kill cancer cells in the body.

Radiation therapists work at hospitals and clinics where they administer this treatment to cancer patients. They also work with people who have already undergone radiation therapy or are receiving radioactive iodine treatments (for thyroid conditions) and is one of the best paying jobs in miscellaneous Category..

#6. Statisticians

Statisticians are people who analyze data. They study and interpret statistics and figures to find trends, patterns, and relationships within the data. Statisticians work in many fields, including health care, business research, and product development. Many statisticians work for government agencies or private industry.

In addition to analyzing numbers, statisticians do other things such as designing experiments (like testing new drugs) or conducting surveys (like polling). They provide information about populations based on samples of people or objects representing a more extensive data set.

Statisticians use statistical tools like regression analysis and descriptive statistics to examine their findings. They may also use software programs like SAS or SPSS for advanced analysis techniques.

#7. Cardiovascular Technologists and Technicians, Including Vascular Technologists

Cardiovascular technologists and technicians (CT) care for patients with cardiovascular disorders. They perform diagnostic tests, such as electrocardiograms and use ultrasound and other imaging technologies to diagnose heart and blood vessel conditions.

A bachelor’s degree in cardiovascular technology or science is required to become a CT. Some employers need candidates with a high school diploma or equivalent and specialized coursework.

#8. Audiologists

Audiologists evaluate and treat people with hearing and balance problems. They also research hearing, speech, balance, and related disorders.

Audiologists usually work in clinics or hospitals. They typically work full time. Their offices are generally clean and quiet environments with minimal distractions. Audiology is a good career choice if you enjoy working indoors but don’t want to be confined to a cubicle all day long!

#9. Physician Assistants

Physician assistants are healthcare workers who assist, or “assist,” physicians. The job description for a physician assistant varies depending on the type of practice. However, all require extensive training in both medicine and health care. Physician assistants often work for private practices, hospitals, and other medical facilities as well as in academic settings (e.g., teaching hospitals).

  • Job Description:
  • Perform duties delegated by a physician or licensed independent practitioner (LIP).
  • Assess patients to diagnose illnesses or injuries, formulate treatment plans and provide care under the supervision of a licensed physician.
  • Order tests; evaluate results; maintain medical records; communicate with other healthcare professionals; educate patients about treatment plans.

In this role, you will work directly under and coordinate your activities with doctors, providing direct patient care such as taking vital signs and performing diagnostic testing.

#10. Orthotists and Prosthetists

Orthotists and prosthetists are experts in designing, creating, and fitting orthoses, prostheses, or prosthetic devices. They work with individuals who have lost limbs due to accidents or disease. Orthotists/prosthetists also help patients recover from conditions such as arthritis or stroke by making sure their mobility is restored.

Job duties for this position include:

  • Creating an artificial limb to replace a missing hand, foot, or arm using plaster casts of the patient’s body part
  • Testing the fit of an artificial limb to ensure it functions properly and doesn’t cause pain or discomfort for the patient

#11. Veterinarians

Veterinarians are the highest paid in this category, taking home an average annual salary of $90,010. To become a veterinarian, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. You must complete two years of graduate work as part of your doctorate program in veterinary medicine. After completing this program and receiving your doctorate, you must pass the North American Veterinary Licensing Examination (NAVLE). You’ll also need to complete a state-approved internship lasting one year before becoming licensed and certified.

Veterinarian salaries vary based on geographic region and employer type:

#12. Pharmacists

As the most highly paid professionals in the healthcare field, pharmacists are responsible for the safe and efficient distribution of pharmaceutical drugs. Pharmacists work in hospitals, nursing homes, and pharmacies. They determine how much medication should be dispensed to patients based on the doctor’s prescription. This professional is also responsible for adequately educating patients on how to use their prescriptions. Pharmacists must stay current with continuing education courses. Pharmacists can find employment with insurance companies or government agencies that oversee drug distribution channels, such as Medicare/Medicaid plans or Veterans Affairs (VA) facilities.

#13. Respiratory Therapists

Respiratory therapists help people who have breathing problems. They work in hospitals and outpatient clinics and often work with patients with lung diseases such as emphysema or asthma, heart disease requiring oxygen therapy, or other illnesses affecting their ability to breathe on their own. Respiratory therapists also provide home care for patients after they’ve been discharged from the hospital.

When you see a respiratory therapist, they’ll ask you things like: How well do you feel? Can you breathe easily? Do your lungs feel tight when you take a deep breath? As part of the exam process, they may listen to your chest with a stethoscope or use an instrument called a spirometer. The stethoscope measures how much air goes into and out of your lungs during various activities such as walking upstairs or lying down flat on your back (called “supine”).

Finally, if necessary, respiratory therapists will teach people how to breathe more efficiently using special equipment called positive airway pressure (PAP) machines and is one of the best paying jobs in miscellaneous Category.

#14. Underwater welder

The underwater welder is the most dangerous job in the world, and and is one of the best paying jobs in miscellaneous Category, if you want to risk your life for a living.

Underwater welder

The job of an underwater welder is to weld cracks and holes in ships and other submerged objects, such as oil rigs. The work involves high pressure and extreme heat because all welding must occur underwater.

This profession requires extensive training from experienced professionals before one can become certified to do this kind of work independently.

#15. Nuclear submarine jobs

If you’re looking for a job that will allow you to help defend your country, look no further than nuclear submarine jobs. Nuclear submarines are the most advanced weapons systems in the world and are among the most expensive and powerful. They are some of the most secretive and dangerous weapon systems. However, suppose you can survive their horrors. In that case, all these qualities make them an excellent place to start or continue a military career.

#16. Nuclear weapons technicians

Nuclear weapons technicians are responsible for the maintenance and safe operation of nuclear weapons. They work in the atomic weapons field, including maintenance, development, and security.

#17. Funeral directors

Funeral directors are responsible for planning, coordinating, and providing funeral services for the deceased. This may include preparing their body for viewing, arranging their final resting place, and assisting family members with any legal concerns.

Those who wish to pursue this career path should have excellent communication skills and an ability to deal with death empathetically while maintaining professionalism.

#18. Pile-driver operator

Pile-driver operators are responsible for the operation of pile-driving equipment. They ensure all safety regulations and that their team follows instructions.

Pile drivers may operate alone or in groups, so independent work is necessary for this job. The job can be physically demanding, depending on the equipment used. So you’ll need to be able to lift heavy objects and follow directions given by your supervisor to complete your tasks efficiently.

#19. Winery workers

Winery workers are responsible for the process of making wine. Their job is to take care of the grapes and work with them, ensuring they are ready for sale in the best possible condition.

This includes planting and growing the grapes, harvesting them when they are ripe, and then pressing them into juice using a press machine.

#20. Papermaking machine operators

Papermaking machine operators are responsible for operating papermaking machines used to make paper. Papermill workers can find employment in various industries, including pulp and paperboard mills.

#21. Jewelers and precious stone and metal workers

If you are interested in working with jewelry, precious stones, or metals, this job is for you. Jewelers and precious stone and metal workers make and repair jewelry. They may also cut, shape, and polish gemstones. They are also known as gemologists because they study gems’ physical properties and composition to identify them correctly.

Jewelers can work in various settings depending on their experience level: they may work in jewelry stores as independent contractors, or they might choose to work within a large company such as Tiffany & Co., Cartier, or Harry Winston, where they have access to better training programs. Regardless of where they choose to work, jewelers must be able to cut stones accurately.

#22. Radiation therapists

Radiation therapists use radiation to treat cancer and other diseases. They work in hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities, working with patients to determine the best treatment plan for their individual needs. Some radiation therapists may coordinate patient care with other health care professionals.

#23. Flight attendants

If you love to travel, have a friendly demeanor, and can remain calm under pressure, becoming a flight attendant might be a good fit. Flight attendants are responsible for the safety of passengers and crew during flights, including assisting with handling baggage and preparing meals and refreshments.

#24. Bridge and lock tenders

Bridge and lock tenders are responsible for the operation, maintenance, and repair of bridges, locks, dams, and waterways. These workers ensure that boats can pass through safely. They also ensure that the equipment is working correctly, so there is no damage to structures or property.

  • To help plan parties and events.
  • To run errands with you (i.e., pick up dry cleaning)
  • To organize your schedule or day-to-day life.

There are many good-paying jobs in the Miscellaneous category.

There are many good-paying jobs in the Miscellaneous category. Salaries are higher than average, and job descriptions vary from interesting to tedious. The jobs are in high demand and diverse, meaning they’re not all located at the headquarters of a specific company (like “customer service representative”). This is a great place to start your search if you’re looking for a varied and exciting job.

Can I Do Best Paying Jobs In Miscellaneous Category Job Full Time?

Yes, you can get a job as a miscellaneous worker full-time. Moreover, many people who work in this field end up doing so.

Where Can I Find The Best Paying Jobs Miscellaneous Category?

The best place to find miscellaneous jobs is indeed on the Internet. The Internet is a great place to find jobs, as it is much easier than going around knocking on doors and handing in resumes.

There are many sites on the Internet that offer job opportunities. Some of these sites are free, while others charge access fees.

The main advantage of using the Internet is that you can search for jobs from the comfort of your home. You do not have to spend hours looking for jobs at different locations or spend money on transportation costs and other expenses incurred by going from one place to another.


As you can see some of the best paying jobs in miscellaneous Category, Of course, this is just a short list of what’s out there; if you want to get into one of these fields, check out our full breakdown at the link below!

The reality is that for many people, there are no paying jobs available. If you’re one of them, don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to make money without a paycheck. After all, every job (even unpaid ones) has benefits like learning new skills or making friends with co-workers!

There are many good-paying jobs in the Miscellaneous category. Salaries are higher than average, and job descriptions vary from interesting to dull. The jobs are in high demand and diverse, meaning they’re not all located at the headquarters of a specific company (like “customer service representative”). This is a great place to start your search if you’re looking for a varied and exciting job.


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