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Free Online Investigation Certificate Courses

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There’s a lot to keep in mind when choosing Free Online Investigation Certificate Courses, from the style of the course, to whether it can be used for your educational or professional development. With plenty of options out there, the keys to finding a good education are knowing what you’re looking for and doing some quality research.

Free Online Investigation Certificate Courses are one of the most important things in college and therefore they should not be kept secret. This is a list of some good sites where you can look for lessons, in form of public courses.

The Internet has made it possible for anyone to learn almost anything on their own. With the right resources, anyone can learn how to investigate cases, conduct interviews, and write reports. There are many free online investigation certificate courses available that can help prepare you for this career.

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Free Online Investigation Certificate Courses provides a great way to get started in the field of criminal justice or legal fields. Most programs require students to complete at least 12 credits of coursework, which can take anywhere from three months to two years depending on your learning style and availability. Some schools offer bachelor’s degrees with an emphasis on criminal justice or law enforcement studies, but these programs usually require more time than a certificate program would allow.

Who is the course Criminal Investigation Certificate Online for?

The Criminal Investigation Certificate Online is for those who want to learn more about the justice system and how criminal investigations are conducted. This certificate can help you prepare for careers in law enforcement, corrections, or other related fields.

Criminal Investigation Certificate Online is a non-credit certificate program that offers an introduction to the field of criminal justice. You will learn about the history of crime and law enforcement, how to conduct a crime scene investigation, how to collect evidence, and much more.

You may be interested in this course if you are considering entering law enforcement as a career or want to gain a better understanding of the justice system.

The Criminal Investigation Certificate Online is designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to work in the field of a criminal investigation.

This program provides students with a comprehensive understanding of crime scene investigation, as well as an introduction to the criminal justice system. Students will learn how to identify, collect and preserve evidence at crime scenes, and also how to interrogate suspects using forensic science techniques. The course also covers advanced topics such as polygraphs and surveillance techniques.

Scope Of The Criminal Investigation Certificate Online

This program is ideal for those considering careers in law enforcement or criminal justice as well as those who want to learn more about how the FBI works; what it is like to be an agent; how investigations are conducted; and how to gather evidence.

The Criminal Investigation Certificate Online includes four courses:

  1. Introduction to Criminal Justice: The First Year
  2. Criminal Investigation Techniques I: Evidence Collection
  3. Criminal Investigations Techniques II: Interviewing Witnesses & Witnesses
  4. Criminal Investigations Techniques III: Interrogation & Confessions

How To Get A Criminal Investigation Certificate Online

A criminal investigation certificate is a document that states that an individual has not been convicted of a crime. It is often requested by employers, insurance companies, and landlords to verify that an applicant has never been charged with any criminal activity.

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A criminal investigation certificate is also known as a clearance letter, good standing letter, character reference letter, and criminal record check.

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The process for obtaining a criminal investigation certificate varies depending on the country where you live. In some countries, it’s easy to get one online while in others you need to go through the courthouse to get it done. If your country doesn’t offer online services then you can always use our service which will help you get your criminal investigation certificate online within 15 minutes.

To receive your criminal investigation certificate under Section 27 of the Indian Evidence Act 1872, you are required to fill out an application form and pay a fee at your local police station or sub-divisional office. You can submit your application by post if you do not live near any of these offices. You will then receive your criminal investigation certificate within two weeks from the date that your application was received by the police department.

Alternatively, you can apply for this certificate online using our easy-to-use online platform where we provide all necessary information and help with all steps involved in getting this document so that there is no hassle involved in obtaining it at all!

List Of 10 Online Investigation Certificate Courses Avialiable

The following are some online investigation certificates:

  1. Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice– University of Phoenix – This program offers students the opportunity to earn their bachelor’s degree online while working full-time jobs in law enforcement or related fields. Students must complete 60 credits of coursework including courses such as Law Enforcement Administration, Criminal Procedures and Investigations, Law Enforcement Management, and more.
  2. Penn Foster College: Penn Foster College offers an online investigation certificate program that can be completed in as little as six months. The program is designed for those who are interested in becoming a private investigator or police officer. The coursework covers criminal law, criminology, social research methods, forensic science, and more. There is even an option to take an internship with a local law enforcement agency after completing the coursework.
  3. Online Investigation Course from Saint Joseph’s University: Saint Joseph’s University has an online course titled “Principles of Criminal Justice” that provides students with a solid foundation in criminal justice issues such as criminal law, community corrections, juvenile justice, and other related topics. This course is offered completely online through Blackboard Collaborate (a web conferencing platform) allowing students to communicate with their instructor and other students via video chat or email.
  4. American InterContinental University (AICU) offers an online BS in Criminal Justice Administration that includes courses in investigative law enforcement, cyber criminology, and victim services.
  5. Ashford University offers an online BS in Criminal Justice Administration that includes courses in investigative law enforcement, cyber criminology, and victim services.
  6. Berkshire Community College offers an online Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice Administration that includes courses in investigative law enforcement, cyber criminology, and victim services.
  7. Brown Mackie College offers an online BS in Business Administration – Criminal Justice Emphasis that includes a course on forensic science.
  8. Central Texas College offers an online Associate of Applied Science – Criminal Justice Administration degree program that includes courses on forensics science and general investigations.
  9. The Cheyney University of Pennsylvania offers an online Bachelor of Arts – Criminal Justice Administration degree program that includes a course on forensic science and criminal investigation.
  10. Investigator Training Academy: This is another self-paced course offered by Liberty University that teaches students about private investigations and security services. You’ll learn about topics such as crime scene investigation, interviewing witnesses, surveillance techniques and more. There are no prerequisites for this course so anyone who’s interested in becoming a private investigator can take it! It takes about 3 months to complete at 20 hours/week and costs $1,299 (as of 2018).

How much money will I need To Start?

Investing in an online investigation certificate can be as little as $300 if you already have a computer and Internet access. If you don’t have a computer or Internet access, then the cost of getting started will go up significantly.

scope of your budget

In most cases, however, someone who wants to make a career change in the field of investigation will need to invest more than $300. The cost of an online investigation degree will vary depending on the school and program you to choose. But, it’s generally between $2,000 and $5,000 for each year of study.

If you’re looking for a certificate in forensic science or crime scene investigation, then the costs are usually less than those of a bachelor’s degree program because you won’t be taking general education classes in those programs either.

What can I do with an online investigation certificate?

The field of criminal justice is growing every year. There are many jobs to be had in law enforcement, the FBI, and many other areas. One of the most important parts of any investigation is a search for evidence. This includes looking for fingerprints, DNA evidence, or other physical clues that will lead to an arrest.

If you have the right training and certifications, then you can become a criminal investigator. This gives you a chance to use your knowledge and skills to help solve crimes in your community. The good news is that many online colleges offer degrees in criminal justice or forensic science that can help you get started on this path.

There are many things that an investigation certificate can prepare you for including:

Working for local police departments as a crime scene investigator or forensic technician

Working for state government agencies such as parole or probation offices

Working for federal agencies such as the FBI or DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration)


The field of online investigation degrees is growing at a rapid pace. With so many new online programs, there’s something for everyone who wants to learn more about this important area of work. Just make sure you’re choosing an accreditation program with the proper requirements for your career—it’s well worth your time to do so.

 When you’re investigating, it’s important to know you have standards, and that real professionals use them every day. That’s why we recommend giving yourself a good foundation with one of these online certification courses. Your efforts will pay off as you scrutinize the evidence in court, taking your investigation to a new level.

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